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What is all this?
Many of us tend to write down what routes we do - especially if they were of a particular memorable nature or if you for some reason are monitoring yourself and your level of activity. When putting it on the web it can either be used as a convenient storage space for your own personal log file which nobody else can see, but with all the search and sorting features still intact - or if you are a bit more exhibitionist you choose to make your logfile public, share it, and see other public logfiles for information and inspiration for your next adventure. Browse the climbing or caving logs or register now and start logging.

Log file spot light
krylov on Power Play : 'Felt relatively easy.'
Mathias on Pisse Froide : 'Great route climbed with my best friends'

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Latest Climbing Full list
 27/11 Sundowner (krylov)
 27/11 Rob Rambunctious Ride (krylov)
 27/11 Step-across (krylov)
 27/11 Welcome to New Jack City (krylov)
 27/11 Route 66 (krylov)
 27/11 Demolition Man (krylov)
 05/11 Power Play (krylov)
 05/11 Ground Zero (krylov)
 05/11 Whammy (krylov)
 05/11 Minimizer (krylov)
 30/10 Pecker Head (krylov)
 30/10 Trans Canada Chossway (krylov)
 30/10 Peker Head Direct (krylov)
 09/10 Dealers Choice (krylov)
 09/10 Black Jack Crack (krylov)
 09/10 Queen of Jacks (krylov)
 09/10 Mickey Goes to Vegas (krylov)
 09/10 Winnwer Takes All (krylov)
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Latest Caving Full list
 05/02 Valley Entrance to Toyland (oziben)
 23/01 Bull Pot (oziben)
 22/01 Lancaster Hole - Wretched Rabbit (oziben)
 13/11 Alum Pot via Dolly Tubs (oziben)
 01/12 Sharps (vertcaver1)
 15/09 Shreeve/Howell (vertcaver1)
 07/06 Otter Hole (pw)
 01/06 pinkys pit excursion (vertcaver1)
 26/04 TUMBLING ROCK CAVE (JohnPUncle)
 25/04 CEMETARY PIT (JohnPUncle)
 24/04 MOSES TOMB / RUSTY'S CAVE (JohnPUncle)
 22/04 NEVERSINK (JohnPUncle)
 21/04 GOURDNECK CAVE (JohnPUncle)
 20/04 South Pittsburgh Pit (JohnPUncle)
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