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Route Crag Grade Height  *** Notes Date People
Caturgeas LAG WIII 4 600m   TechnicalStrenuousMindblower!Run outStory 17/1/03 Mathias, Sean
600 meters of pure ice! We ticked all of it, although it took us 15 hours! (and then 3 hours to get down). Quite a day out.
Fairview Dome - Regular Route Toul 5.9 [15] 300m Superb Photo 17/10/98 Mathias(L), mb(L)
We videoed the ascent. Come around my boat if you want to see it.
La Saphir/Sortie des Artistes Cal 4,-,5-,5+ 300m Good Bolted 3/6/95 fred(L), Mathias(L)
La Colere du Ciel LAG WII 3+ 300m Superb   10/2/03 Mathias(6), Tim(1,2,3,4), pw(5)
Excellent route. Super festive glissade down to the valley afterwards.
Aiguille Dibona lbe 6c 300m Superb Boltedaid 23/7/03 Mathias(4,5,6), stone(7,8,9), AndrewW(1,2,3,10,11,12)
Excellent little expedition efficiently executed by our three-person's team.
La Bernalina Bern 5.8 [6] 270m Good Bolted 5/1/99 fred(L), Mathias(L)
Central Gully (Ice) Lake Grade 3 200m Superb LooseMindblower!Story 31/1/98 Mathias(L), Tim(L)
My first proper iceclimb. Good stuff, although a bit thin and delicate at places. Released a huge rock which thundered down the gully which was packed with 4-5 other teams. Not good! Nobody got hurt luckily. Here's a trip report plus some photos
Grooved Arete Ogwen VD 196m Good     fred(L), Mathias(L), Henriette(L)
Nutcracker Yose 5.8 180m Superb   27/10/00 fred(2), Mathias(1,3)
Incredible layback. We backed down after third pitch as it started to rain.
Amptrax Elch 3,4,4+,5,5,5,5,4 168m Excellent Bolted   fred(L), Mathias(L)
A Dream of White Horses Gog HVS 4c,4c,4c,4c 153m Superb Run out   fred(L), Mathias(L)
A Dream of White Horses Gog HVS 4c,4c,4c,4c 153m Superb Photo 31/7/98 Mathias(L), Tim(L), stone(L)
We were passed by three young lads who where soloing the Dream. Good going! (Tim later found out that one of them was Leo Houlding - young English E8-climber!)
Pisse Froide LAG W4 150m Superb Story 4/8/11 Mathias(L), Tim(L), pw(L)
Great route climbed with my best friends
Tennis Shoe - Direct NWal HVS 4c 139m       fred(L), Mathias(L), Henriette(L)
Fools Rush In NDev E1 4c,5b,- 126m Excellent Technical 5/9/98 Mathias(L), mb(L)
Really technical traverse of the Baggy Point Promontory Slab. I was pretty close to not making it, but eventually pulled it through.
Positively 4th Street Yose 5.9 [5] 120m Superb Photo 11/10/98 Mathias(L), mb(L)
Brilliant laybacking, jamming and underclinging. Thanks for the tip Royston.
Symphonie d'automne adh WIII 4 120m     9/2/03 Mathias(1), Tim(2), pw(3)
The classic of the crag. Excellent snowblade descent afterwards.
Coronation Street Ched E1 4b,4a,5b,5a,5b,5a 117m Superb StrenuousRun outLoosePolishedVegetatedMindblower!Photo 15/10/95 fred(L), Mathias(L)
I still wake up with cold sweat on my forehead. Complete Trip Report in here.
Gecha el Cielo Elch 4+,6a,5,5+,5+ 117m Excellent Bolted   fred(L), Mathias(L)
Vois de Trou BLB 5+ 110m Excellent BoltedPhoto 30/3/02 Mathias(1,2,3), celine
Excellent little expedition. Got the to summit just as the sun disappeared on the horizon. Three long abseils in complete darkness saw us down eventually. Good effort from CĂ©line who had only abseiled once before.
Gogarth Gog E1 4b,5a,4c,4b,5b 108m Superb Run outPhoto 1/8/98 Mathias(L), Tim(L), stone(L)
The Angel's Girdle Wint VS 4b,4b,5a,4c 108m Good   6/5/00 fred(L), Mathias(L)
Super Sirene Cal 5+,6a,6a,4,4 100m Excellent Boltedaid 2/6/95 fred(L), Mathias(L)
Chop Chop Machette Galore Semu HVS -,-,-,5b,-,- 100m Superb F.A.VegetatedStory 8/12/98 fred(L), Mathias(L)
New route. Good experience. A festive climb. We were climbing with a full scale rack - machete, bolting kit and the full rack of pro. It was quite an excrsion. I managed to get some strange cactus juice on my right arm which has left some strange scar mark.
La Demande (pitch 1-3) vdn 5c,5b,5b 100m   Took a whipperPolishedStrenuousRun outBolted 29/7/02 fred, Mathias(1,2,3)
Fred and I tried our luck with this 11 pitch classic. Eventually backed off due to approaching storm and lacking yoor. Quite good we did. A little epic.
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