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Route Crag Grade  Height *** Notes Date People
F 7b
Anatema Elch 7b 15m Good Bolted   fred, Mathias(L)
F 7a
El Regreso del Patron (first half) Tene 7a     Boltedaid   fred(L), Mathias(L)
We didn't have a topo at this time and the line looked reasonable. It wasn't, so we went off route to easier ground before the crux
Red in the corner (indoor) UCR 7a+ 12m   Mindblower!Bolted 11/8/98 Mathias(L), Tim
Although indoor climbing is strictly speaking not featured on, I thought it appropriate to log my first ever 7a on-sight flash. Yooor!
Highway One PorQ E4 6a 42m Superb TechnicalStory 22/6/98 Mathias, Tim(L)
YDS 5.11
Square Boulder 1 Dien 5.11a 8m   Bolted 13/1/99 fred, Mathias(L)
Square Boulder 2 Dien 5.11a 8m   Boltedtop 13/1/99 Mathias
Arms Race Avon E4 5c 18m Excellent Took a whipperStrenuousPhotoStory 1/5/99 Mathias(L), Tim
My arms were like two wooden planks half way up. Loads of good pro which held several falls including a couple of pretty long whippers. Pulled it through in the end (with full use of the ringbolt). Will be going back again for a redpoint attempt. Read Tims trip report by clicking the appropriate icon.
Mithril Gobl E4 6a 21m   StrenuousTook a whipper 10/8/99 Mathias, Tim(L), Joint(L)
Joint led up in style, I popped off at the crux, Tim thirded it clean. Good route.
Totally Relaxed Nav E4 6a/b 25m Excellent StrenuousTechnicalaid 14/5/00 Mathias(L), pw
Due to our almost unprotected adventure we decided to try some bolt clipping. I had to pull on the quickdraw in the crux. Great route if you can climb that grade! Oh yeah, we tried "Western Front Direct" first. That's E56b on bolts. Paul lowered me off from the impossible roof.
The White Tower Gobl E4 6a/b 18m Excellent Strenuous 5/6/00 Mathias(L), Tim
My first E4. I attemtped the route a week previously and fell off. Then I soloed it (self protected) the day before this attempt. Regardless of the climbing ethics, it still (2010) is one of my most memorable routes perhaps because I had to wire it so clearly in my mind to get up it. Well proud to have reached this level through consistent climbing through the years.
F 6c
Tango pour un Viking Vrcs 6c 8m Excellent Bolted 2/6/02 Mathias(L)
La Vie Eternelle ard 6c 30m   StrenuousBolted 7/7/02 Mathias(L)
Excellent place this Ardeche. Finally had a go on something a bit harder, and although I had to rest on the rope three times, I was quite pleased with the tick.
Aiguille Dibona lbe 6c 300m Superb Boltedaid 23/7/03 Mathias(4,5,6), stone(7,8,9), AndrewW(1,2,3,10,11,12)
Excellent little expedition efficiently executed by our three-person's team.
F 6b+
Cri de guerre Buou 6b+ 30m Excellent TechnicalBolted 31/3/01 Mathias(L), Sanne
Perfert Saturday afternoon in superb weather. Almost no people, had most of the world class rock to ourselves.
F 6b
Super Lopez Tene 6b     TechnicalBolted   fred, Mathias
El Senor de las Bestitas Tene 6b     Bolted   fred, Mathias(L)
Jypsckey Cham 6b 27m Excellent Bolted 27/5/95 fred(L), Mathias, David(L)
Domi Creation Gren 6b,6a+,6b,5c+ 90m Good Bolted 28/10/01 Mathias(1,2,3,4), David
Not a stylish ascent.
Nuit de Cauchemar Gren 6b,6a,6a,6a+ 90m   Bolted 12/10/96 Mathias(L), David(L)
Howling Gale Pem E3 6a 27m Good TechnicalPhoto 29/8/98 Mathias(L), Tim
My first E36a OSF
A Fly in the Eye? Wint E3 5c 27m Superb StrenuousRun outTechnical 5/5/00 Mathias(L), pw
Thought for a few feet I was doing an HVS but then I realised that it was harder. Turned out to be E3. Yoist.
Mecca Wyn E3 5c 22m   Took a whipper 21/5/98 Mathias, Tim(L)
I rested on the rope. Tim took quite a whipper.
The Israel Blues Gobl E3 5c 24m Excellent Took a whipperred 7/8/00 Mathias, Tim(L)
Tim lobbed of the crux.
F 6b
Hyades Panc 6b 17m   Bolted 14/4/01 Mathias(L), mb
This was to be my last lead this day. Tried a 6b/c but took a whipper before the last clip. I was pumped stupid and getting exhausted after an intense week of caving and snowboarding.
Tu Rame PetDes 6b 10m   Bolted 21/5/02 Mathias(L)
Quick evening tick. Pleased I am getting used the sports medium at last.
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