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Valley Entrance to Toyland Kingsdale (uk) oziben 3 5/2 Good  
Carol, Rachel, May, Matt
Very Very wet weekend in the Dales. Club trip was originally going to be Bull Pot (Kingsdale) which I'd done 2 weeks before, which would have made an ideal club trip for me whilst getting to know people, but was far too wet so Fred suggested Valley Enterance and up to Toyland. Sadly we didn't find the rope up to Toyland - we were looking in the wrong place.
Bull Pot Kingsdale (uk) oziben 2h 23/1 Excellent  
Adam, Steph
Sunday easy caving trip down Bull Pot, though not the last pitch (everyone says don't bother - must do it one day to see why not!!!)
Lancaster Hole - Wretched Rabbit Dales (uk) oziben 3h 22/1 Excellent  
Duncan, Gerik, Adam, Angus, Steph
Club Trip down Lancaster Hole to Wretched Rabbit. Had a bit of a difficulty on one of the smooth walled climbs - MUCH more practice needed. A nicer caver from another group gave me a boost up!! Top through trip though, with diversions to Colonnades, Carrot Cave and Minarets.
Alum Pot via Dolly Tubs Dales (uk) oziben 4h 13/11 Superb  
Adam, Steph and Scoff + Inominata to the "Window"
My First SRT Trip, and really my first "proper cave trip" - the numerous forays into this sport before have ended up leaving me unimpressed. Moderate only because my arms hurt from the SRT!
Sharps wv (us) vertcaver14 4hrs 1/12 Good  
Me, Maddie, Sierra, Danny, Jimmy. J.D.
Wow What a trip! We decided to take the kids on a trip to Sharps. Maddie, my daughter age 6 and Jimmys daughter Sierra age 10. Danny R. was with us and Jimmy S. also Jimmys son JD 21. It was Madddies 2nd cave trip, Sierras 3rd and JD's 1st. We shuttled the kids into the entrance and continued into the first room. We checked out the leopard print ceiling and went on to Halloween Hall. We took a short break here and ran into several other cavers. One fellow Alan was with a cave rescue team in the area doing a recreational trip with his relatives. Kool dude.. very friendly. We left Halloween Hall and continued to Mud City, Hollywood, mud henge, whatever ya wanna call it! Here we took several pics. anfd the kids played we ate and drank and headed to blackfish jct. Well on the way there we got Shall I say a little lost. JD was in the lead....(remember this is his first time in a cave)I and the other guys were tending to the kids, so we weren't paying much attention to where we were at. Near J18 and the formation room on the left is where I had had enough. The terrain was getting sketchy for the kids and I wasnt sure of where we were at....lack of paying attention on my part.(I've been in Sharps 15 times leading half)it was one of those times that shit just didn't feel right. I tried not to be an ass...and said" Whoever has the map needs to be in the lead the kids need to be in the middle." After a moment of silence we returned to mud city. On the way there we realized that at one point we were on the right track. Staying low and right by the formation room. We reached mud city and went to the waterfall from there. What a massive amount of water. Took some pics and headed out. What I've learned from this trip. Organization!!! It's ok to cave by the seat of your pants and and explore hardcore when you're with a group of experienced cavers. (this is how we usually roll!) But when there is kids and new cavers involved. Our time outside the cave explaining conservation and the "rules of Caving" We should pick a leader and decide on a line up goin through the cave and make sure everybody understands and accepts this. It was a lesson learned and a fairly good trip. Looking forward to an Explore Hardcore trip to Windy Run next weekend. Whitetrash Cavers unite!!!!!!!!
Shreeve/Howell Randolph Co. (us) vertcaver14   15/9 Excellent  
wv caver, vertcaver14
Keith and I left Clarksburg intent on finding Shreeve/Howell pit, the deepest in Randolph Co. 120'. This pit had been illusive last weekend when John and I tried to find it. We drove all the way to the gate this time(had a 4wd) Started down the hill looking for a culvert. Well we never found the culvert, but Keith did find an obscure trail by the limestone with some broken branches around the trail. Sure enough this was it! I rigged the rope we had a quick safety meeting and down we went. I was first on rope, I rapped down the sink and into the entrance, I got down to the lip where the free drop starts and this needed padding. It didn't take long to see the proper place for tying the pad. If you've dropped the pit you'll know what I mean. Got the lip padded and continued descent. There were some very cool looking passages on both sides about 50' into the drop. On the floor getting off rope I noticed a yeasty smell almost like something dead. I didn't hang around long to see what it was. I moved on into the cave before giving the off rope call, There is alot of debris that comes down in this pit. Keith came in along with some dirt and rock, checking out the passages on the way down in the top of the pit. Once Keith was down we were quickly on our way into the cave. Probably 50 - 100' in there was a room on the right we checked out. I think this room should be called the boob dome in relation to the formations on the floor just by the entrance to the room. This is a very nicely decorated dome room with a possible lead up high over some flowstone. Well be better equipped next time. We came back out of the "BooB" room and continued through the cave to a low wet crawl that quickly went to a belly crawl in the stream. I found a place to turn around(contoursionist style)and we headed back out. I frogged out and Keith used his rope walker. We headed off the mountain and towards Dry Branch, one of our favorite places to camp and cave. No water in the dry branch or the Elk river. Things were looking good. We decided to look for Bradshaw Run. We found it and several others in that area...Left Tit pit, Muddy Boob. We checked out small sections of each cave. All very wet. We'll be back for these! Back to Oil Drum to camp. We had a huge fire, good food(steak, baked potatoes, homegrown tomatoes, and homemade apple sauce), and a few brews. We were going to check out the new entrance to Zarathustra but the steak and potatoes were weighing too heavy on us!!!!The next morning we decided to check out Broken nothing entrance to my cave, and Elk River cave. We poked around a little in each and headed back to Clarksburg. I had to be back home for prior engagments. We had an awesome weekend. Dropped the deepest pit in Randolph Co. And found 5 new caves we have never been in. ROCK ON WHITE TRASH CAVERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Otter Hole Wye Valley (uk) pw 7 7/6 Superb  
pinkys pit excursion pendelton co. (us) vertcaver14 1hr 1/6 Good  
me, wv caver, and john powell
We planned to go to Bowden this trip, but changed plans in the parking area @ Bowden. We wanted to do something Vertical. Keith got a new GPS so we decided to try it out go find Pinkys pit. After hours of hiking and treacherous stream crossings we found a pit. a small 20' er. This was not pinkys. JP rapped in and frogged out while Keith and I waited outside. Dead bottom pit. There were three more caves within 30' of eachother on this hillside, we checked them all. one worth mention, not sure of the name. A 50' pit with a pool @ the bottom dead bottom. I rapped in first, saw the pool @ the bottom and waited on a ledge accross from a narrow canyon passage. JP came down next, and went on down just above the pool changed over on rope and ascended back up and out. I exited and we headed back out, never to find Pinkys. @ the car we looked @ the topo and realized we were only a few meters from Pinkys. I think next time we will have a little more knowledge on the GPS and bring the topo and a compasss just in case!
TUMBLING ROCK CAVE Alabama (us) JohnPUncleRalph all day 26/4 Excellent  
Keith, Johnny and I
Keith,Diane,Marcy and I had visited this cave in 07. Great cave with giant passage. Awesome formations and alot of history behing the cave too. Keith, Johnny and I headed in and made our way thru the cave. We stopped at the saltpeter vats and johnny found the human footprint left in the top of the saltpeter vat (from the 1800's i believe the book said). We caught up with three young cavers from NC,GA and FL. We all stopped at the end of Suicide Passage and ate some snacks and chatted a little. We were all headed toward the back of the cave. They headed on first and then we started. We made it back to Mt. Olympus and looked up to see three lights really high up on Mt. Olympus, heading to the Pillar of Fire. We let them come back down before climbing up. I stayed over on the left and used some boulders in my climb. Keith was out on the clay face of the climb and used some steps up the face. I went up to the lip and was directly beside the Pillar of Fire, then headed back down. Keith went up over the lip and around behing the Pillar, to see the Flamingos. I couldn't see them from where I was at, and i was so nervous at the top of the 300ft. tall pile of breakdown and clay slope i wasn't thinking about the flamingos. If I ever return to Tumbling Rock I'll make sure I go up and behind the Pillar. Johnny headed out a passage to the right of Mt. Olympus and yelled back he had some arrows. I followed and we crawled back thru a grueling path of twisting, turning, up, down and around passage before finally emerging into Grants Tomb. We poked around and i climbed down to see the Reflection Pool. Pretty neat little pool of water in a low room. It had taken us a while to get into Grants Tomb and peeking on to Terrys Tiger Teeth looked rough as the last stuff, so being more or less at the "end", we pointed ourselves outward and headed back thru the grinder. We passed a marker i had placed and found ourselves in a room that we didn't remember. We then backtracked a few steps and saw the marker on top of the rock. We headed up here, and then back out to Mt. Olympus. Keith was gone and the party of 3 were gone too. The 3 had looked for the passage to the end but had missed it. Johnny and I caught back up with them just before the Great Hall of Mysteries. We took a short break then headed on out. Keith was already out when we exited. We headed to Pizza Hut in Trenton and picked up some pies and wings. We pigged out, drank as many beers as our bodies would allow and then I blasted all the sand out of my head in the shower. Our 2008 TAG caving trip had come to an end. We had a great week of trips, saw some new caves as well as some from last year. The weather was great all week, with almost no rain. Can't wait to go back to TAG.
CEMETARY PIT Fox Mountain, Georgia (us) JohnPUncleRalph most of the day 25/4 Excellent  
Keith, Johnny and I
We hiked up to the entrance and johnny and keith rigged the rope. Keith went down the rope, then johnny and then me. We found our way out of the room and headed out the passage. We found our way to the edge of the Big Room, at Earl's Ledge. This was a hairy ledge on the edge of the Big Room leading down into it. After attaching a handline and going out around onto the ledge, we decided to head up the other passage and work our way around to the right and down thru the 3D Maze and on to the Big Room via one of those passages. After some crazy canyoning and climbing we popped out into the Big Room and ate lunch at the register. Keith headed up the big breakdown pile and we followed, eventually making our way to the Guano Room and up to the overlook at Jason's Twin Waterfalls. This would be an awesome drop to do......looks really tall!! I tried to find my way down thru the breakdown at the end of the Guano Room and into the bottom of Jason's Twin Waterfalls. Might try to find out on the NSS Cavechat forum. Would love to bring a rope to rapell into the Big Room beside Earl's ledge and another rope to do the big drop into Jason's Twin Waterfalls. I couldn't see the bottom of the pit from the top of the breakdown past the Guano Room. We headed out, ascended the entrance pit and hiked back down to the van. Great cave! I'll do this one again with two more ropes. I'd also like to explore some of the other passages in there too.
MOSES TOMB / RUSTY'S CAVE TAG (us) JohnPUncleRalph time didn't matter anymore 24/4 Excellent  
Keith, Johnny and I
We awoke and headed up the trail to Moses Tomb. Johnny rigged the rope and he did the drop. We communicated with radios during and after the drop. I got on rope, started down into the pit and stopped about 25ft down. Things just didn't feel right for me that day, don't know why or what, but i just didn't feel right. I changed over and ascended out. Keith was scouting around for Pretty Well, but didn't find it. Johnny said the formations in Moses Tomb were awesome. I'm doing this pit next year for sure....still kicking myself over this one. Johnny frogged out and we packed up the van and headed for Rusty's Cave at Fox Mountain. Keith and I had visited this cave in 07, and wanted johnny to check out the formations in here. We did the entrance drop and headed down thru the "formation passage" for most of the cave. We continued on downstream and went all the way to the end at the carpet crawl. We laughed when we saw how many live roots were sticking out of the walls and ceiling in there. We were very close to the surface, good thing there's no horizontal entrance though, that would probably be the doom of the cave and all the formations in it. This was a nice cave to see. We headed back over to Cloudland Canyon SP where we had camped on Sun/Mon nites. We would camp here the rest of the trip. It's a little drive up the mountain but the hot showers and the laundry machines are nice to have.
STEPHENS GAP/PIPESIDE PIT Alabama (us) JohnPUncleRalph most of the day 23/4 Superb  
Keith, Johnny and I
Our return to Stephens Gap was long-awaited. We had been here in 07 but Keith had taken a hard fall in the walk-in entrance on some slick rocks. He had hurt his ribs in the fall and was unable to do any vertical work the rest of the trip. Johnny rigged the rope above the "keyhole slot" at the edge of the main pit. Johnny descended first and i followed. Keith had headed in the walk-in entrance and was near the pit to get some pics. Rapelling thru the keyhole was cool, and then it put us out into the big room of the main pit area and landed us perfectly on the "platform", a flat-topped pillar of rock that stood on the side of the main pit. Once on the platform, we simply stepped backwards two steps and continued the rapell to the bottom of the main pit. Keith headed up and did the drop and then we all headed out the passage toward several smaller pits in the cave. Neat passage, other than the graffitti spray-painted on the walls. We headed back to the main pit, asceded the rope to the platform and then walked over to the other passage leading up the small waterfall. We had explored this passage last year and had come to a nice little dome room with a waterfall and some bolts in the wall at the top. Next year we plan to hit some of the other entrances and maybe do this little drop as a pull-down. New graffitti also decorated this dome room. Hope i never come across someone painting in a cave, i'll need someone to bail me out of jail. We headed out and on the hike out we stopped at Pipeside Pit, nice little pit just off the trail. A few nice formations on the pit walls and some more in a small formation room up a slope climb. There was a dead deer laying in the pit stinking to high heaven. We ascended and headed back to camp. Other than getting pissed off over the vandalism in Stephens Gap we had a great day. The drop thru the keyhole is awesome.
NEVERSINK Alabama (us) JohnPUncleRalph   22/4 Excellent  
Keith, Johnny and I
We hiked up the trail to Neversink. This was Johnny's first time here. The weather was beautiful and looking down the pit we could see a rainbow of color in a sort-of tie-dyed pattern. Keith and Johnny did the drop and i waited at the top and guarded the ropes, took pictures and ate brownies. After they ascended we hiked back down to the van and headed for Stephen's Gap. We pulled in to the parking spot and gravity pulled my body backwards in the captains chair and my eyelids followed suit. Keith and Johnny must have beed tired too, because we all three fell asleep for a couple hours and awoke to the sound of a passing train blasting it's horn. We woke up hot, sweaty and still tired, so we decided it better to return to Stephens Gap the next day. We pulled out and took an afternoon road-trip over to Cathedral Caverns, a commercial cave w/ a huge entrance. (No, we didn't pay the money and do the disney tour, but we did use their picnic pavillion to get out of the sun and eat lunch. We then headed to the Moses Tomb property where we would camp the next two nights.
GOURDNECK CAVE Tennessee (us) JohnPUncleRalph a few hours 21/4 Good  
Keith, Johnny and I
We entered Gourdneck cave by doing the climb-down on the handline to the stream passage. This was a really neat cave, with numerous plunge-pools and waterfalls and the walls in most of the cave were "scallopped" by the water. We did a few climbs, at least one using some metal poles that were there. Some of the climbs and canyon passages were a little hairy at times. One plunge-pool offered us the choice of either doing a short but hairy climb and then traversing the open area above the plunge-pool. I did this and it was scary as sh**!!! Keith "canyoned" himself up the walls of the plunge-pool to the top. This was a slightly wet way to go, but not near as scary as the traverse above it. Johnny had headed up the short climb behind me, and his cave pack had become stuck somewhere. He yelled for help and we tried to communicate with him but the noise from the waterfall was very loud. We couldn't tell if he needed something or if he had been injured, so Keith headed down the plunge-pool and I followed. We discovered he was ok and he told us that his bag had gotten stuck. We then headed back up the plunge pool climb and headed up the passage. We came to a man-made cement dam which held back the water in a pool, out of which a pvc pipe ran all the way out of the cave. We had followed this pipe since the beginning, it was sort of humorous to think of what it may have been like to run this pipe thru the cave. We stopped at a tall plunge pool that seemed to have no climb. We looked around for a bypass but didn't see one. We headed out of the cave and Keith explored the downstream sump area. This was a neat cave with some awesome plunge pools, waterfalls and some nice formations too.
South Pittsburgh Pit Tennessee (us) JohnPUncleRalph a few hours 20/4 Excellent  
Keith, Johnny and I
We hiked up the hill to the pit, rigged up and went down the rope. We ascended the rope to the two leads, right and left. We headed right first, stooped and crawled thru some passage, crawled thru some really tight, dusty stuff and came to a climbdown to a junction of sorts. It looked hairy and we headed out and took the left lead, and followed this down to the rimstone dams. We headed out, ascended the 160ft rope and hiked back down to the van. This was Keith and Johnny's first time in this pit, Keith was unable to do this one last year after taking a fall and tumble on some wet rocks at Stephen's Gap. I had done the pit before but had only went out the right lead a little ways before exiting. Nice entrance drop, some neat passage up the rope climb at the bottom of the breakdown slope. Nice cave. We then headed over to visit with Mike Green, a caver we'd met the year before. He showed us where Moses Tomb was and we ended up staying at the campsite on the property for Moses Tomb a couple nights. Very nice place.
RUMBLING FALLS Fall Creek Falls SP/Tennessee (us) JohnPUncleRalph a long time 19/4 Superb  
Keith, Johnny and I
We entered Rumbling Falls Cave and did the 70ft drop just inside the entrance. At the bottom, we examined two passages. One was a lower passage that followed the water, the other one a semi-narrow passage leading up and around to the left. We took the latter, and ended up doing some tight canyoning with a few hairy spots. About 3/4 of the way thru we downclimbed to the stream after Keith had gone back to check out the stream lead. The stream lead is the easy way and will save you lots of time and energy. We worked our way thru the cave, climbing/crawling, up two waterfall climbs, thru the long wet streamcrawl,and finally thru the tight spot which lies just before the big drop into the Rumble Room (201ft). The squeeze was really tight and Keith was not quite small enough to fit, and after a couple attempts decided to wait it out for this trip. Johnny went down the big drop first, then I came down and we explored around the Rumble Room a bit, and Johnny found the lead to the passage out of the Rumble Room. Next time a visit this cave I'm going to plan on heading down the passage, at least to Gary's Chamber anyway. Johnny frogged out w/ no problem. I got on rope and just as I started up the rope the bungee broke, so i downclimbed on my ascenders, got off rope and fixed the bungee. I also rerouted my antiheelhang strap and then ascended. We headed out of the cave and found that Keith had headed out too. We made a lot better time exiting than we did on the way in. I used a sit/stand on a cowstail to come out and we exited the cave and drank a few well deserved beers before heading back to camp. This cave is not for beginners and also be prepared to get wet. If you manage to avoid it at the waterfall climbs, the long, low, wet streamcrawl is gonna getcha. This was a great cave, can't wait to do this one again and also go downstream out of the Rumble Room a bit.
Fanchlers Pit Tucker Co. (us) vertcaver14 5 hrs 18/2 Excellent  
Scott, Keith, John, Johnny
We all met at Super WalMart in Clarksburg around noon and headed to Tucker Co. After a few stops we were at the owners house. Scott went in and talked to the owner and got the ok to go on up.(Scott used to work for this guy) We suited up w/ vertical gear and headed for the entrance. At the entrance there were some remains of a skunk, the smell was just overwhelming! After a few minutes in the stink we had the rope rigged. Scott went in first clearing the pit on the way down passing logs up and out. John went down next and cleared the pit of logs entirely and repadded the drop. I was in next, nice drop. Keith was last in the hole. Once everybody was down we started back into the cave and soon were forced to a crawl. In some places you could've went high and stayed dry but there were lots of bats up high. Scott was just lovin' that water. I think he swam most of the way through the cave! Nice formations starting about half way in. We came to a really low water crawl, and of course Scott was right in there. Keith was to the right and moved a few rocks and gained dry passage(for a little bit)This popped us out in a nice room with a register up on a mud bank. Couldn't sign it though the contents were soaked. We were able to make out the first few pages. It was put there by the Mon. grotto. We assumed we were close to the end. Everybody was pretty beat and wet. Scott checked a passage low and back with the stream and it went but it was a tight wet crawl and we had plenty of that ahead of us on the way out. So we opted to exit. It took us around a half an hour to get back to the rope. John went up first, to a nice view of the last moments of the sunset. Keith was next. I frogged out. Then Scott. Big Thanks to Keith for going back to pull the rope. It was pretty cold on the surface. Keith and Scott headed back home and John and I went over the mountain to the Purple Fiddle for some food and music, then camped out near Olsen Fire Tower. Nice fire !!!!! Excellent caving trip!
swaygo / roadside pit   JohnPUncleRalph day 3/2    
Keith(wvcaver),Johnny(vertcaver),scott and I
Johnny and I had backpacked up to big beechy falls on saturday w/ some of our backpacking friends(Brian and Steve) and hiked out on sunday feb 3. We had great weather, no rain/snow, no wind, not too cold......rare in winter in the mon nat'l forest. We then drove over to swaygo pit where keith and scott were waiting. They had camped there the night before and had already rigged the drop. The water was up slightly from the rain and snowmelt of the previous days, but we decided to go back into swaygo and explore the route thru the cave towards carpenters. Keith and I had been thru carpenters, all the way to the swaygo system and had to stop at the last waterfall drop in swaygo, having no way to go up without a rope rigged. Anyway, we did the swaygo entrance drop, went down the passage, keith rigged the second drop and began to descend. I told him to yell off-rope only if he wanted me to come down. The water was very loud and we were curious to as how wet the drop would be. As he went down, I started downclimbing down the last little drop so I could get on rope when keith was finished. I slipped a little and started to fall, saved only by a rock jabbing me directly in the left butt that hurt. I would've only fell about three feet to the bottom, but it was still a somewhat sketchy situation. After a short pause i decided i could still do the drop, if keith gave the signal. He then yelled,"off rope!" and signaled me to come down. I did the drop and as i neared the bottom, the waterfall just blasted me with water and if that wasn't enough, waist deep ice cold water awaited me at the bottom. Keith said the look on my face was "priceless" and somehow found much humor in this, and said he couldn't bear to enjoy the wonders of this drop alone. Guess its the thought that We exited the swimming pool and waded down the passage thru some low areas and into a couple standing rooms. Things looked low and really wet beyond this, so we opted for a return trip in late spring or early summer. Returning to the drop, keith went up while i held the rope back away from the falls. After keith was up, i got on rope and frogged up thru the blasting water, bouncing back and forth from wall to wall, passing thru the waterfall with every step in the frog. After we were up, johnny derigged the rope and we exited the cave. Only then could i honestly laugh at our short adventure. I'll be sure and visit again only during times of low water and during warmer weather. We changed clothes and headed for roadside pit. We had never done it, and so down we went. I very tight entrance, keith said it was like "sharps on rope". At the bottom we went down the passage and found the way to the big room..........we were suprised at the amount of formations. All were in nice shape, lots of nice colors too. After a short snack and a safety meeting, we headed out. Overall a great trip. Special thanks to scott, for staying up top and guarding the rope at roadside. Hope to find the way thru swaygo, would like to have two teams(one at swaygo, one at carpenters) rig ropes, pass in the middle of the cave, and pull ropes up as we exit. Might try to do this in May or june 08.
Cave Mountain Cave Pendleton Co, W. Va Norwand   5/9    
I am long time NSS member (#37530) who has caved extensively in Pendleton Co, but never made it up to Cave Mountain Cave in the Smokehole. Am planning trip in the fall once the cave re-opens and was wondering if anyone could provide directions to entrance? Thanks.
Sharp's Cave Pocohontas County, WV (us) Skaluva99   23/6    
Wondering if anyone can help me here. I've heard a lot about Sharp's Cave in West Virginia and I'm planning a trip down there with some others. Can anyone tell me how to get there? I know its near Slatyfork, I'm assuming off of Rt 219? Appreciate any info, Steve
Sharps Cave West Virginia (us) JohnPUncleRalph   3/4 Superb  
After getting soaked in Dreen the day before, we decided to go to Sharps Cave for a trip on Sunday. Sharps is a fairly dry cave, and the water turned out to be very negotiable today. We accessed Halloween Hall via a small crawl and then headed down the main passage toward Blackfish Junction. After a short break, we accidently went down into the lower level just past the J18 jct. We traversed the hairy canyon ledge above the water and then had to walk in the water the last 50 yards to Blackfish jct. We then headed downstream and up the slick mudbang to the 1888 date. We all had trouble getting up onto the ledge. The water and the humidity was up and everything was extra slick. Derick had some trouble at first but then flew up the bank once he got up onto the ledge. We then headed out past the 1888 date and out to Reunion's Revenge. I sure is muddy out there but it's worth the trip. A pretty cool set of rooms near the end with a couple shady crawls leading off into the tightness. On the way back to the 1888 date, we had to make it back up a 15 or 20 foot mud bank. LJ had tied a couple straps at the top so we would have a hand line for the way back up. It's slick! I ran at the bottom and hit the bank full speed and barely managed to make it over the top w/o using the handline( although I had to kick steps into the mud as I ran up and also had to dig fingers into the mud at the top). We slid back down the chute to the steam and went back up to Blackfish jct. We then headed up the the upper level and out of the cave. It was a great trip and we were able to see some of the cave we hadn't seen before. Ralph and re-ralph had a great time. We just might make a caver out of Ralph after all.
My Cave Pocohontas County (us) JohnPUncleRalph   17/3 Superb  
2 white trash cavers
Lost Johnny and I entered My Cave at about 330pm and made our way to the drop above the Dune Room. LJ rigged the rope and we rappelled down. What an awesome rappell that is! Not a very high free-drop, but a fantastic view rigging up and going down the slope to the drop. Big echoes in the room! After taking a break, we headed back into a little formation room and some other leads. We took some pics by the formations and headed back into the Dune room. We then decided we would go down the mud slope toward the stream and see how the waterfall was down the passage. At the top, LJ used his brain and decided it was unusually slick, way too slick to go down. I on the other hand did not use my brain, and started down the slope using a couple biners to stab in the mud. I took off zooming down the slope, almost skipping down the slope on my side. I was going so fast I remember saying "johnny!!!""" and I almost blacked-out. When I got to about where it levels off for a few feet, my heels hit semi-dry clay and skidded me to a stop. That was the scariest thing I've ever done. Once I regained my breath, I threw a mud ball down over the second slope toward the water. It hit the water just a few feet over the lip.....the passage was flooded! If I hadn't stopped at the ledge, I would have ended up in a large pool of water, and getting back onto the mud slope would've been almost impossible. I would have had to wait it out on one of two large rocks sticking up out of the pool, and wait for LJ to go back up the rope, pull it, go back down the passage into the dune room and then rig the rope at the mud slope and probably rappell down to throw me the rope. My poor decision almost landed me in a bad situation at best, and maybe a very dangerous one. I dug out my two mini-mags out of my pack to stab them into the mud going back up. LJ threw a strap down for a handline and when I made it close enough,he anchored in and helped me climb back out. Lesson learned - use caution on sketchy mud slopes! We ascended the drop, exited the cave around 10pm and ate some of Lost Johnny's darn good tacos back at camp. The next day we slept in a little, ate breakfast and went to Sharps for a short trip.
Dreen Cave West Virginia (us) JohnPUncleRalph   3/3 Excellent  
Lost Johnny, my nephews Derick"ralph", Mitch"re-ralph" and I went into Dreen Cave in Pocahontas County, WV. It was Derick's first caving trip. We tied a rope at the first drop on the left and I went down the rope. The water was up in the area due to snowmelt and rain. As I descended the water thoroughly splashed me all over! Mitch, Derick and LJ came down after. It was Mitch and Derick's first time rappelling and ascending. They used a rescue 8 to descend and we sent them back up the rope using a simple sit/stand with handled ascenders. When we exited the cave, it had snowed about 2 inches while we were in. We had all gotten soaked going back up thru the water, but we dried our clothes that night beside a huge fire. No ralphs were present that night.
Agen Allwedd Llangatock (uk) mb 6h05m 6/1 Excellent  
Martin, Stone
A nightdigging trip to the Nightclimber area. We failed to shift Dave the boulder in Nightclimber Tube or the flake in Nightclimber Rift. Significantly, we did SSP in 37m30s and got from the entrance to the end of SSP in under an hour (57m30s).
Agen Allwedd Llangatock (uk) mb 8h20m 4/1 Excellent  
Martin, Tom Foord, John, Arthur, David Stevens
Soloed in to meet the digging team at Corkscrew. I was amazed by what the guys had done in Corkscrew: an amazing effort. By the time I got to the digface, there was a tantalising view up left through boulders into void. The boulders just would not shift though: either with a crowbar or with a lump hammer. A quick look at Nightclimber Tube showed that Dave the boulder would require a lot of bludgeoning on Wednesday. 1h40m to the Iles / Priory junction, about 2h20m on the way out.
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